Baby Rabbit Coats are Softer than Adult Rabbit Fur

baby Polish RabbitYoung rabbits have baby fur until sometime around three to four months of age. Then they molt out their baby fur and grow their adult coat. Most bunnies will not show well, even in a junior class, until they have molted out this baby coat. The coat is very soft and somewhat cottony compared to the adult coat. It lacks the luster of a prime adult coat of fur.

Although I have heard of Holland Lops as old as nine months who have not molted out this baby fur, it generally happens in my barn about the same time with each litter. I think that, for Hollands showing any sort of promise, it is a good idea to wait until this molt is over to make the first cull of the litter. In the middle of that first molt, colors such as sable point can look hideous because of the uneven coloring. Crowns can be deceptive until the adult fur comes in and curvature can be totally deceptive when shorter hair is growing between the bunny’s eyes.

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