Supplies for Rabbit Breeders – A Well Stocked Barn Checklist

Needed — or Useful– Supplies For Rabbit Herd Management

This list can be somewhat daunting, if you are just getting started.  But many items can be collected as you progress in your hobby.  For example, I paid others to tattoo my rabbits at shows for two years before I was brave enough to do it myself.  Some items are seasonal and can wait.  Other items are more luxurious and you may never acquire them.  Still others, like anti-biotic ointment, will be purchased when you first have need of them.  I do think, though, that anyone reading this list will never need to ask why show rabbits cost so much!


  • Fire extinguisher, pressurized water type

  • wire mesh, electric wire, fencing or other barrier to wild animal invaders and neighborhood dogs


Rabbit Grooming Aids

  • Brush (Metal Cat Slicker)

  • Nail Clipper

  • Blunt-tipped Scissors (for removing excess fur around bottom of messy juniors

  • Peroxide (for removing food stains from fur)

  • Rinseless Rabbit Shampoo with Whitener

  • Styptic Powder or Flour to Stop Bleeding if You Cut the Quick While Trimming Nails


Feeding Supplies

  • High Quality Pellets

  • Moisture-Proof Feed Container (metal trash can, plastic bucket with snug-fitting lid)

  • Measuring Cup for Determining Amount of Feed Per Rabbit

  • Small Feed Container to Carry From Cage to Cage

  • Feed Scoop

  • Measuring Spoons for Supplements

  • Dropper or Syringe for feeding Wheat Germ or Linatone Oil

  • Feed Dishes (If Using J-Feeders, Be Sure To Use Deep Ones for Large-Headed Breeds)

  • Hay


Watering Equipment

  • Automatic Watering System or Crocks or Water Bottles

  • Water Container for Carrying Water from Cage to Cage

  • Spare Parts for Watering System or Water Bottles

  • Spare Water Crocks to Replace Broken Ones and Substitute For Dirty Ones



  • Fans, Preferably on Thermostat

  • Mist System to Cool Air, Air Conditioning, or Evaporative Cooler

  • (Few Places in the US Require Heating; However, I Use a Ceramic Disc Heater to Thaw My Water Lines)

  • Lawn Sprinkler Positioned on Top of the Barn

  • Wall Thermometer

  • Empty water bottles or ceramic tiles to freeze and place in rabbits’ cages in the summer.


Insect Control

  • Fly Swatter

  • Fly Ribbons (Change Frequently)

  • Lime or Sweet PDZ

  • I do not recommend chemical insect control, but some people may be able to use them with success (Note:  Removing Manure Frequently is the Best Insect Control Available)


Health Care

  • 22 gauge needles for Pen B (others have used as large as 17, but I’ve never had trouble drawing Pen B through 22s) and syringes

  • Alcohol

  • Peroxide

  • Tinactin Spray

  • Preparation H

  • Ivomectin

  • Safeguard or other wormer

  • Tri-Optic or other antibiotic Eye Ointment

  • Fast Track or Acid Pak 4-Way or other Probiotic

  • Scales with Basket for Weighing Juniors and Seniors

  • Kitchen Scale (up to 1 lb.) for Weighing Kits

  • Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs, and Cotton Pads

  • Chew Sticks

  • Simethicone, infant gas drops, for GI stasis or intestinal blockage


Personal Comfort –

  • Stool or Chair

  • Personal Fan and/or Heater

  • Counter-High Work Surface for Examining and grooming Rabbits

  • Carpet Samples for Work Surface

  • Gold Bond Wipes Or Other Antiseptic for Cuts and Scratches

  • Clock



  • Calculator (for purchases of multiple rabbits)

  • Calendar or other  method of recording breedings, due dates, and births

  • ARBA registration forms and other literature for pet customers

  • Pens and thin permanent markers

  • Pad of Paper or Notebook

  • Magnets, Post-It Notes, Labels or Other Method of Posting Information on Cages

  • Plastic Bags for Transition Feed for Sale Bunnies

  • Scissors

  • Electrical Ties (For Securing Coops or Temporary Coffee Mug Waterers)


Tattoo Equipment-

  • Battery or Electric Tattoo Outfit or Clamp Tattoo Outfit with Digits and Letters

  • Ink (Fresh Tattoo Ink or India Ink)

  • Baby Wipes

  • Paint Brush, soft toothbrush or Q-Tips for Applying Ink

  • Wrap or Specially Made Box to Safely Secure Rabbit While Tattooing (I just place mine on carpet on a table
    and grasp ear firmly)

  • Petroleum jelly or antibiotic ointment, if you coat your new tattoos with it


Cleaning –

  • Bleach, Povidone and/or Vanodine for Disinfecting (I keep diluted Vanodine in a spray bottle for hands and surfaces, Povidone is also iodine based and much cheaper–I will try that next)

  • Cage Brush with Long Handle (for brushing bottoms of cages)

  • Small Brush and Dustpan (for removing waste from work surface)

  • Shop Vacuum for periodic removal of cobwebs and fur

  • Soap or Detergent for General Cleaning (I use Orvus Paste)

  • Baby Wipes

  • Trash Can

  • Baby Bottle Brushes, if Using Water Bottles

  • Pressure Washer for Cages, Carriers and Nest Boxes



  • Carriers

  • Puppy Training Pads

  • Cat Litter, Shavings, or Newspaper for the Carrier Trays

  • Travel Water Bottles or Crocks

  • Travel Food Dishes

  • Bungee Cords for Securing Cages

  • Travel Chair

  • Show Grooming Table

  • Duplicate Grooming Products and Tools (keep them packed for shows to reduce show preparation time)

  • Feed and Supplement Containers with Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

  • Cart or Trolley


Rabbit Housing Equipment-

  • Individual Cages for Senior Rabbits

  • Larger Cages for Litters and Does

  • Windproof, Precipitation-proof and Sun-proof Shelter

  • Trays for Stacking Cages or Bins for Hanging Cages to Collect Manure

  • Lights, Preferably on Timer


Breeding Supplies-

  • Nest Boxes

  • Newsprint or Cardboard for Lining Bottom of Nest Boxes

  • Hay or Other Nesting Material

  • Calendar

  • Heat Lamp to Keep Kits Warm During Examination in Cold Weather

  • Large Plastic Bag for Storing Excess Clean Fur for Future Use

  • Sterile Eye Wash for Opening Kits’ Eyes (Late Only)

  • Vanilla extract or Vicks (Used When Fostering to Mask Scent)

  • KY Jelly or other lubricant, for stuck babies


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