Holland Lop Does – Cute Pet and Show Bunnies

Female Holland Lops Born At The Nature Trail Rabbitry

There were many cute and sweet Holland Lop rabbits born at the Nature Trail Rabbitry, bunnies that made excellent pets as well as show bunnies.  The Nature Trail’s rabbits had endearing personalities and excellent heads and bodies that took home the trophies.

However, The Nature Trail is no longer breeding or selling Holland Lops.  If you are looking for male Holland Lop Rabbits for sale, please check out our Breeders Links Directory. You can still click on a bunny’s name or photo below to learn more about her in our “Gallery of Champions”.

The Nature Trail's May - Female Holland lop

GC The Nature Trail’s May was BOSG at Convention 2007 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She’s also a BIS rabbit with ten legs.  She has produced 32 kits for me including the following grand champions:  Arabica, Hope, Imagination, Lord, Padme, Panache, and Sakata.  She already has 5 grand champions among her grandchildren. 

The Nature Trail's padme - Quality Holland lop doe  GC The Nature Trail’s Padme picked up two BOS in one weekend as a junior under Everett Hopper and Pam Nock.  She picked up six more legs in quick order and granded at six months old.  She now has 10 legs, including 2 BOBs.  Her parents are GC The Nature Trail’s Rio and GC The Nature Trail’s May, the two of my rabbits that took their classes at Conventions
The Nature Trail's Francesca - Champion Holland Lop  

GC The Nature Trail’s Francesca, 6 legs, is one of a pair of darling sisters (the other is Sweet Pea). Francesca will have to take over for their mother Nina, whom I reluctantly sold.

The Nature Trail's jamillia - floppy-eared bunny female

GC The Nature Trail’s Jamillia, 7 legs, sister to Jocasta and Padawan, finished her junior career with a Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex. She’s a gorgeous doe with a better coat and condition than her sister. I love them both

The Nature Trail's Belle bunny doe

GC The Nature Trail’s Belle, 3 legs, has come back to me after living with two other breeders. She’s not a very good producer. But since I have the time and space right now, I’m trying to coax her along. She has a fantastic body that would be worth reproducing.

The Nature Trail's Fabrizia - Lady Lop Bunny

GC The Nature Trail’s Fabrizia, 3 legs, is my Hilary replacement doe, as if any bunny could replace Hilary. I was surprised at all easily Fabrizia granded. I was more fond of her sister Kazia, whom I am still trying to grand. It just shows you can never tell what will happen. I’m thrilled with Fabrizia, who is now in my breeding program.