Rabbit Links Directory

Welcome to the Nature Trail’s link directory!  We have an extensive collection of links to rabbit informational sites, as well as a local rabbit breeders directory.

Linking back to The Nature Trail is not required, however we do appreciate promotion of our site if you find it helpful.  You can use a text link to any of our pages that you enjoy, or use our button at the right.

Rabbit Links Directory

  • Rabbit Club Websites – Links to every national breed club and ARBA district website, as well as links to local and state clubs.  Feel free to submit your listing!
  • Rabbit Forums and Chat Groups – One of the best ways to learn about rabbits is to participate in an online group.  Here are some you can join.

Local Rabbit Breeders Directory

We would love to expand our directory!  Please submit your free listing if you are a rabbit breeder.  We can list a phone number or e-mail address if you do not have a website.  More individual breed pages will probably be added as the directory expands.

  • Other breeds A – C .  Includes breeds American –American Chinchilla – American Fuzzy Lop – American Sable – Angora – Belgian Hare -Beveren –Blanc de Hotot – Britannia Petite — Californian – Champagne d’Argent – Checkered Giant –Cinnamon — Creme d’Argent.
  • Other breeds D – M.  Includes breeds Dutch – Dwarf Hotot – English Lop and French Lop – English Spot — Flemish Giant — Florida White – Giant Chinchilla — Harlequin –  Havana – Himalayan –Jersey Wooly –Lilac — Lionhead – Mini Lop – Mini Satin.
  • Other breeds N-Z.  Includes breeds  New Zealand – Palomino – Polish –Rex — Rhinelander –Satin –Silver – Silver Fox – Silver Marten – Standard Chinchilla – Tan –Thrianta.


3 thoughts on “Rabbit Links Directory”

  1. Holland Lop Breeder
    Belle’s Bunny Boutique
    Located in Wall, NJ
    We only breed the dwarf rabbit, Holland Lop. They are about 4 lbs. once fully grown. They have floppy ears, stocky bodies, and fluffy round heads. They are raised indoors with lots of love and potty trained. Easy-going, sweet, and friendly, the Holland Lop will win you over with its wonderful personality. These bunnies will love you right back and bring joy to any home.

  2. We love our little farm here in Lewisport, Kentucky! We have about 7 acres where we raise Holland Lop bunnies and a variety of chickens. In 2020, we found our first set of bunnies and fell in love! Our goal is to raise healthy happy lops and provide the best care possible. Our buns are socialized daily and are therapeutic pets to our family.

    We are a registered breeder through the American Rabbit Breeder Association and Rabbit Breeders US. We are also members of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, and Hancock County 4-H Rabbit Club.

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