Buying & Selling Rabbits

The voice of experience on buying and selling rabbits for pets, show, and brood.  How to start right go from there.  Feel free to send us your ideas so we can continue to provide help to others!



  • Pre-purchase Exam – Before you take your new rabbit home, it’s very important to look it over for health and other qualities.  Here’s a check list to help out.
  • Starting Right in Rabbits – Everyone makes mistakes in the beginning with their rabbit venture, but these tips can help you get off on the right foot.
  • “The Magic Rabbit” – Can you purchase one million dollar herd buck to propel your herd national quality?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Here’s some thoughts on the right and wrong ways to spend your bunny money.
  • Raffles and Auctions – Raffles and auctions can be cheap ways to get rabbits.  Aaaand there’s usually a reason for that.  However, sometimes auctions held to benefit 4-H or clubs have some high quality rabbits available.





  • Rabbit Sales Policy – Many breeders have a rabbit sales policy to protect themselves.  You can gather some ideas from these policies.
  • Air Shipment Policy – Guidelines for shipping rabbits by air.  Use to develop your own shipping policy.
  • Pricing Rabbits – Tough, isn’t it? Many breeders have found it’s easier if you have a system to work from.
  • Selling Rabbits You Bought – Sure, it’s usually okay to sell a rabbit that you bought from someone else.  But there are a few considerations you might want to keep in mind when doing so.
  • “Male Rabbit for Hire!”  – Should you offer stud buck services?  Things to think about when offering breedings or collaborating with another individual.