Policy for Shipping Rabbits by Air

*Please note!  The Nature Trail does not sell or ship rabbits any more.  This is the policy that was used when the Nature Trail Rabbitry was operating.  We are keeping this up for breeders to refer to in developing their own policies.  Thank you!*

Shipping Rabbits by Air – Shipping Policy

Policy used by Laurie Stroupe of the former Nature Trail Rabbitry

Shipping is expensive and time-consuming.  Shipping should only be considered for multiple purchases of valuable rabbits.  For commonly-available breeding stock, it may be better for you to find a breeder closer to you.

I do not ship pets.  I do not ship internationally.

An alternative to shipping is finding a breeder within driving distance of your home who is going to a  show I attend, including ARBA Convention or Holland Lop Nationals, and is willing to transport a rabbit for you, either for free, a reciprocal favor, or for a small fee.  Or, join a forum or yahoo group to post your need for rabbit transportation.

$50 Surcharge – To ship rabbits, I must take the rabbits to the vet and obtain a health certificate.  Then I have to make airline arrangements.  Finally, I have to make a three hour round-trip to the airport.  Because of the time, gas, and effort involved, I charge a $50 surcharge to ship rabbits.

Opal Mini Rex rabbit$300 Minimum Purchase – You must make a $300 minimum purchase for me to ship rabbits.  You can ship six rabbits in a single carrier or up to twelve if you provide two carriers and carrier latches to create a single unit.  A cost-effective strategy is to find others who would like to purchase rabbits from The Nature Trail Rabbitry at the same time and share expenses.  

Airfare – You must pay the airfare.  If you want to get an idea of the airline costs, contact your airline for information on shipping costs from here to your local airport.  Be sure to indicate live animals are to be shipped unescorted.  You can use this link to American Airlines cargo or this link to Delta pet cargo for these airlines’ costs (taxes will also be added to the base cost).  Airline costs for the last rabbits shipped were $176.  

Carrier, Water Bottles, Dishes — You must provide me with airline acceptable carriers and water bottles and feed dishes for each rabbit.  It may be easiest to purchase these items from vendors such as Kammalop Specialties or Klubertanz and have them shipped to me, once we have agreed on the shipment.  The carrier(s) and other supplies will most likely exceed $50.  I occasionally have used dishes I can provide for free or reduced cost.  

Vet Certificates – You pay for vet certificates.  So far, my vet has allowed me to place all of the rabbits on a single certificate for $25.  That price is subject to change according to his current fee schedule.  

Payment Schedule – I must receive 50% of the purchase price of the rabbits and the cost of the vet certificates before I will hold the rabbits and begin scheduling the shipment.  These payments are nonrefundable unless I cancel the sale.  I must receive the carrier and supplies five days before the shipment date and I must receive the balance of the cost of the rabbits two days prior to shipment.  If the airline allows COD, you will pay for the airfare when you pick up the rabbits.  Otherwise, airfare is also due two days before the date of shipment.  

Photo on this page by TC Farms.

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