5 Best Rabbit Foods For Nutrition & Taste in 2023

best rabbit food

Rabbits are incredibly interesting and smart creatures that are capable of giving their owners a huge amount of love. This ability to give love is greatly affected by their diet which determines how healthy they are. So, in order to have a healthy and happy rabbit, you should make sure that they’re eating the best … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Can rabbits eat celery

A summertime snack staple for a lot of people, celery is quite a healthy vegetable option. It’s loaded with a ton of different vitamins and minerals, with the most prolific ones being vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and potassium. Not only is celery very nutritious, but it also tastes great! With all of … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber?

Can rabbits eat cucumber

Cucumbers are pretty fascinating fruits. Not only are their insides generally 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures, but they’re also 96% water and can be made into pickles! Not to mention the fact that it’s high in vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. With all of the health benefits that come from cucumbers, … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Oranges?

Can rabbits eat oranges

Oranges are fruits that are enjoyed year-round by all kinds of people. On top of their refreshing taste, they’re also loaded with fiber, vitamin C, thiamine, folate, and potassium. They also help to prevent heart disease and kidney stones! With all of the health benefits that come from oranges, you may be wondering: Can rabbits … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Can rabbits eat tomatoes

Tomatoes are fruits that are both loved and hated by people all over the world. They’re loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and lycopene — an antioxidant linked to reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. With all of the health benefits that come from tomatoes, you may be wondering: Can rabbits eat … Read more

Lionhead Rabbit: ULTIMATE Breed, Care, & Advice Guide

Lionhead Rabbit Breed

Some of you might already be familiar with this special rabbit breed, and on the other hand, some might have never heard of them before. The breed has one feature that distinguishes itself from others, a unique mane of wool. This is why they are referred to as lionhead rabbits! Species Name Oryctolagus cuniculus Size … Read more

Rabbit Color Descriptions – Sable Point/Pearl Variety

General Description Sable point rabbits have a rich, creamy body color with dark sepia points (nose, ears, feet, tail). Pearl rabbits may have sepia, black, chocolate, blue, or lilac points and pearly body color. Surface Color Rich cream body surface color.  Under Color  Light creamy white body under color. Toenails and Eyes Toenails must show pigment. … Read more

Rabbit Color Descriptions – Pointed White/Himalayan/Californian Variety

Himalayan and Californian are two alternate names for pointed white rabbits. Himalayan is often shortened to Himi and Californian is often shortened to Cal. General Description The rabbit’s body is pure white with colored points. Points are the nose, ears, feet, legs, and tail. Pointed whites are recognized in four varieties: black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. Most breeds … Read more

Rabbit Color Descriptions – Lilac Variety

General Description The entire rabbit is lilac color, which is dove gray with a pinkish tint. Surface Color Lilac, carried as close to the skin as possible. Under Color  Pale dove gray. Toenails and Eyes Toenails colored. Eyes are blue gray with a ruby glow in certain lights.   Breeds That are Showable in the Lilac Variety  American fuzzy … Read more