Rabbit Judging

Welcome to the Rabbit Judging Section of the Nature Trail!

Here you will find articles all about how to evaluate your show bunnies by the ARBA Standard of Perfection.  Some articles are about specific breeds, and some have wisdom for all.

We would love more articles and photos about specific breeds to add to this section of our website!  If you have written an article about judging rabbits, feel free to submit it using this form.  *Please note that we may not accept all articles that are submitted, especially if we already have that topic covered on the Nature Trail.*

All Breed Articles

   How to Pose Commercial and Compact Type Rabbit Breeds  Step-by-step instructions for posing compact type breeds like Mini Rex and Dutch and Commercial type breeds like Californians and Silver Martens.  Applies to many more breeds as well.  For 4-H showmanship or rabbit judging.

  How to tell if your Rabbits have Good Show Condition  This article explores how condition should be evaluated when judging rabbits.

   Are you Posing… or Molding?  Where do you draw the line between showing off your rabbit’s natural beauty and forcing it to look like what you want?  How can this harm your breeding program?  Find out now!

Judging Holland Lops Articles

clover How to Pose Holland Lop Rabbits for Show

cloverJudging Lop Rabbit Crowns and Ears — can also apply to American Fuzzy Lops and Mini Lops

clover“The Big Head” or Evaluating Lop Rabbit Heads

cloverCut Severely — Major Faults in Holland Lops

clover“My Favorite Pieces of a Holland Lop”