Rabbit Equipment and Supplies for Show, Pet, and Meat Rabbits

Successful rabbit raising requires a good deal of proper equipment. The basics of housing, feeding, watering, grooming, and manure removal must be provided, but there are a number of different options in each area. Are dishes or water bottles better for providing water? What about an automated watering system? Are sliding dropping trays or trenches under the cages better? If you go with pans, should they be metal or durable plastic?

There are a lot of questions, but not only one correct answer. As you progress as a rabbit owner, you will learn what equipment works best for your style and schedule. However, these articles can help you make informed decisions when you are making your original equipment investments.

Which type of equipment have you found to work the best? Wood or metal nest boxes? Clip-on coop cups, C-rings or J-clips? We’d love to hear of your experiences that can help out other breeders, so feel free to send us your tips and opinions or a product review!



  • A Well-Stocked Bunny Barn. A extensive list of equipment, aids, and accessories that come in handy for successful rabbit breeder.





  • The ARBA Standard of Perfection. Information about this book published by the American Rabbit Breeders Association that describes the ideal show rabbit of every recognized breeds.



  • Automatic Watering Systems in the Rabbitry. The pro’s and con’s of using an automatic watering system in the rabbitry. The author has used both flexible tubing and rigid PVC systems to bring water to her rabbits and shares her experiences.


  • That’s a Crock! The value of using ceramic crocks or clip-on dishes to supply your rabbit with food and/or water, as opposed to bottles. Some times are better than others.


  • The Use of J-Feeders in the Rabbitry. Detailed article about using the popular self-filling J-feeders with rabbits. Their advantages are numerous! Includes information on wide-mouth, Fine X, and more.


  • Other Helpful Rabbit Publications. Would you like to sit down with a guide to rabbit coat color genetics? Learn how to win 4-H showmanship? How to raise guinea pigs for show? Here are some publications that can get you off on the right foot.


  • Cage Dividers. Should you use wire or solid dividers between your rabbit cages? Here’s a discussion on that topic that includes some ideas you may not have thought of before!


  • Using a Mister System to Cool a Rabbitry. “We installed a misting system inside the barn this summer. Several people have asked how I like it. The truth is that I love it and I hate it.” Read all about the pros and cons.


  • Tools of the Trade. A handy-dandy description of some of a successful rabbit breeder’s most useful tools.


  • Bunny Christmas Presents. Toys and treats your rabbits may enjoy on a special occasion.


  • Ready for Fall. Helpful reminders to get your gear in shape for the fall show and convention season!