Rabbit Color Descriptions – Sable Point/Pearl Variety

Sable Point Holland Lop

General Description

Sable point rabbits have a rich, creamy body color with dark sepia points (nose, ears, feet, tail). Pearl rabbits may have sepia, black, chocolate, blue, or lilac points and pearly body color.

Surface Color

Rich cream body surface color. 

Under Color 

Light creamy white body under color.

Toenails and Eyes

Toenails must show pigment.

Eyes brown for sable points and sable, black, and chocolate pearls. Eyes blue-gray for blue and lilac pearls.


Breeds That are Showable in the Sable Point Variety 

American fuzzy lop, Holland lop, Jersey wooly, English lop, French lop, mini lop, mini rex, Netherland dwarf


Breeds That are Showable in the Pearl Varieties

English angora, French angora, satin angora


Exceptions to the General Description

Holland Lop, English Lop, French Lop, Mini Lop

Sepia color is to be on the legs as well as the feet.

Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf

Some dark shading around the eyes is allowed.


General Faults

Molting, hutch stain, stray white hairs, blotchy or streaky color, shading on the body, and lack of contrast due to light marking color or dark body color. 


General Disqualifications 

Sable point and sable, black, and chocolate pearl with eye color other than brown, or unmatched eyes. Blue and lilac pearls with eye color other than blue-gray, or unmatched eyes. White toenails or unmatched toenails on the same foot or both front feet or both back feet. Foreign or white spot(s), excessive amounts of scattered white hairs, under color other than cream or white.


Breed Specific Disqualifications

English Angora, French Angora, Sating Angora

Wool color pure white on the body or belly.

Jersey Wooly

Wool pure white on the body or underside of tail.

Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf

Pure white underside of tail.