Rabbit Color Descriptions – Sable/Siamese Sable Variety

There are two names for this variety, sable and Siamese sable.

netherland dwarf sable rabbit posing tucked up gene
Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf

General Description

Sable rabbits have dark sepia ears, face, legs, and the upper side of their tail.  The saddle (upper part of the back) is also dark sepia which gradually shades to a lighter sepia. The face is darkest at the muzzle and eyes and gradually shades to a lighter color. The chest, sides, belly, inside of legs, and the underside of their tail are light sepia.

Surface Color

Dark sepia points and saddle with light sepia shading. 

Under Color 

The under color will be slightly lighter than the surface color, but should match the surface color as closely as possible.

Toenails and Eyes

Toenails should be pigmented and be uniformly colored on both front feet and both hind feet, and match as closely as possible. Eyes are brown and may have a ruby glow in low light.

Breeds That are Showable in the Sable Variety



American sable, English angora, French angora, satin angora, English lop, French lop, mini lop, and rex.


Siamese Sable

American fuzzy lop, Holland lop, Jersey wooly, and Netherland dwarf. 

Exceptions to the General Description

English angoras, French angoras, and satin angoras will be a lighter color in wooled areas.Guard hairs on the saddle to match the normal furred areas.

General Faults

Molting or hutch stained rabbits, stray white hairs, light eye color. Blotchy or streaky shading. Lack of gradual shading, causing clean breaks between colors. Absence of dark saddle color. Rusty or mealy appearance. Very light or very dark color.

American Sable Faults

Shadow bars on legs, white whiskers, and light under color are faulted.

General Disqualifications

Eye color other than brown or unmatched eyes. Unmatched toenails or white toenail(s). Rabbits which completely lack shading, looking like selfs. White or foreign colored spots, excessive amounts of scattered white hairs. 

American Sable Disqualification

American sables will be disqualified for eyes without a ruby glow.