Rabbit Color Descriptions – Siamese Variety

Siamese Satin
Photo Courtesy of Shiny Satins Rabbitry


General Description

Medium brown with dark sepia ears, head, feet, belly, and tail. The dark markings should contrast with the lighter body color. Siamese rabbits also have some dark shading up their sides and rump.

Surface Color 

Body surface color should be medium brown, markings dark sepia.

Under Color

Siamese rabbits have an off white under color which should come about half way up the hair shaft.

Toenails and Eyes

Toenails can be light or dark as long as they match on both front feet and match on both hind feet. If the front toenails do not match the back toenails that is fine. Eyes should be brown.

Breeds That are Showable in the Siamese Variety

Satin and Mini Satin.

General Faults

Rabbits that are molting or hutch stained. Stray white hairs, splotches and/or streaks of color. Rabbits that are too light in body color, resembling a pointed white. Rabbits that lack the distinct contrast between body and marking color.

Satin Faults 

Any marking color other than sepia brown.

General Disqualifications

White spots or spots of foreign color, white or unmatched toenails. Excessive scattered white hairs. Rabbits completely lacking markings and shading to the point of looking like a self variety. 

Satin Disqualifications

Definite blue or lilac markings on the head, ears, belly, or tail.

Mini Satin Disqualifications

Markings that are any color other than sepia brown.