Rabbit Color Descriptions – Black Variety

General Description

A black Polish

Black rabbits are glossy, jet black over the entire body and head.

Surface Color

Surface color is black and should carry as far down to the skin as possible. 

Under Color  

The under color is slate blue (gray).

Toenails and Eyes

Toenails of black rabbits should be dark and should match. The eyes need to be brown.

Breeds That are Showable in the Black Variety

American fuzzy lop, English angora, French angora, satin angora, Beveren, Britannia petite, Flemish giant, Havana, Holland lop, Jersey wooly, English lop, French lop, mini lop, mini rex, mini satin, Netherland dwarf, New Zealand, Polish, rex, and satin.  

Exceptions to the General Description

All the angora breeds will have dark slate wool. Normal furred areas and guard hairs should be jet black. 

Satins and mini satins should have a bright sheen.


Molt, hutch stain, or brownish tinge to surface color. Stray white hairs, light eye color, light toenails, light under color, uneven or faded color. Off colored hairs which give the coat a mealy or ticked appearance. 

black holland lop doe
A black Holland lop


Eyes any color other than brown or unmatched eyes. Unmatched toenails on same foot or corresponding foot (meaning all toenails on the front feet must match and all toenails on the hind feet must match). White spots or spots of any color other than black. Excessive white hairs scattered over the coat. Under color other than slate blue (gray).

New Zealand Disqualifications

New Zealands will be disqualified for very conspicuous stray white hairs, excessive brownish cast, or white shadow bars across the feet.