Rabbit Color Descriptions – Lilac Variety

General Description


The entire rabbit is lilac color, which is dove gray with a pinkish tint.

Surface Color

Lilac, carried as close to the skin as possible.

Under Color 

Pale dove gray.

Toenails and Eyes

Toenails colored.

Eyes are blue gray with a ruby glow in certain lights.


Breeds That are Showable in the Lilac Variety 

American fuzzy lop, English angora, French angora, satin angora, Holland lop, Jersey wooly, lilac, English lop, French lop, mini lop, mini rex, Netherland dwarf, and rex.


Exceptions to the General Description

American Fuzzy Lop, English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, Jersey Wooly

Wooled areas are a lighter shade of lilac than normal furred areas.


The lilac breed standard calls for eyes that match the fur color. Eyes may show a ruby glow.  


General Faults

Lilac Polish
(not a showable variety at this time)

Molt, uneven color, hutch stain, faded color, brownish or rusty tinge, bluish or silvery color, stray white hairs, mealiness, or ticking.


General Disqualifications 

Eye color other than blue gray or unmatched eyes. White or unmatched toenails. Excessive white hairs, white or foreign-colored spot(s).


Breed Specific Disqualifications


Disqualify rabbits with conspicuous stray white hairs or white or silver tipping.