Rabbit Color Descriptions – White Variety

White rabbits are actually two different varieties. Ruby Eyed White, or REW, and Blue Eyed White, or BEW. Depending on the

White Mini Rex

breed, white rabbits are called REW, BEW, or white. 

General Description

The entire rabbit is pure white.

Surface Color


Under Color 


Toenails and Eyes

Toenails have no pigment, they may show a pink tint from the blood vessel.

Eyes are blue in BEWs and pink with ruby pupils in REWs.


Breeds That are Showable in Both the REW and BEW Varieties

REW and BEW Separate Varieties

American fuzzy lop, English angora, French angora, satin angora, Holland lop,  Jersey wooly, Netherland dwarf, and Polish.

White and BEW Separate Varietes

 Mini rex.

White Includes Both Varietes   

 English lop, French lop, and mini lop. 


Breeds That are Showable in the REW Variety Only

Giant angora, Florida white.


Britannia petite


American, Flemish giant, mini satin, New Zealand, rex, and satin.


Breeds That are Showable in the BEW Variety Only 




Exceptions to the General Description

a Red-eyed White Holland Lop Rabbit with the REW gene
REW Holland Lop

Giant Angora

Dense wool may have an ivory color, but as pure white wool as possible is the ideal. 

Satin Angora, Mini Satin, Satin

The sheen of breeds with satin coats gives the fur or wool a light ivory color.

Britannia Petite

Eyes should be deep ruby. 

Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Beveren 

Eyes of BEWs should be brilliant blue.

English Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora 

Eyes of BEWs should be light to medium blue.


Eyes of BEWs should be dark blue, showing a little red in certain lights. 


General Faults

Molt, hutch stain, dirt, yellowish or creamy tinge. Poor eye color.


General Disqualifications 

Colored toenail(s), any colored spot(s).

Unmatched eyes.

REWs with eye color other than pink with ruby pupil.

BEWs with eye color other than blue.