How soon after your female has had babies should you breed her again?

Rebreeding Does After Kindling

funny picture of mother rabbit with baby polish bunnies If I am on an aggressive breeding plan with a doe, I may rebreed her when the kits are five weeks old.  She must be at a good weight and in good condition.

She may have a smaller chance of catching if she’s still nursing, but I can always rebreed again in two weeks when I palpate her. 

Even though she still has the kits with her for another two weeks, she will still have seventeen days without kits between litters.

Some people will wean their kits at 5 weeks.  That may work well in other breeds, but I do not feel that my Hollands do well weaned that early.  I prefer to allow them to nurse at least 7 weeks, and sometimes longer.

If I do not feel that my doe is ready to be rebred at 5 weeks, I will check her again at 8 weeks.

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