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Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food Review

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food is a product specially formulated to match the needs of rabbits at each stage of their lives.  There are three separate varieties: Lactating and Growing, Maintenance and Show, and Pregnant. Each feed emphasizes the nutritional components that are essential during that stage.

In this Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food review, we’ll share the reasons for why we think this is a feed you would like your rabbits to  try.   Owners of both pet and show rabbits are reporting its excellent results in their bunnies.

About Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food

David Sherwood is the creator of this new feed. As a long-time rabbit owner and breeder, he is familiar with the negative effects that poor-quality feed can have on pet and show rabbits. Now a PhD student at Utah State University, David decided to put his research into rabbit digestive physiology and nutrition, and his years of experience as a rabbit owner, to practical use by producing a premium rabbit food.

The emphasis in each of the blends is on quality ingredients chosen for their nutritional value and their freshness. Natural, rather than synthetic, sources of nutrition are used whenever possible, resulting in a more wholesome feed. This is just one of the practices that sets Sherwood feeds apart from most commercial rabbit food. In addition, Sherwood stresses producing consistent rabbit food batch after batch by testing the timothy hay and alfalfa before blending the feed.

Varieties Available for Pets, Show, and Breeding Rabbits

Which Sherwood Forest formula is right for your rabbits? Here’s an overview of the 3 varieties.

Lactating and Grower Rabbits: This feed is ideal for young rabbits just prior to and after weaning. It best replicates the nutrition they’ve been receiving from their mother’s milk with higher energy and fat content and the right amount of protein. The high fiber content that this feed provides is essential to preventing enteritis and diarrhea in young rabbits.  The Lactating and Grower feed (L/G feed) also contains appropriate amounts of natural oils, vitamin E and omega fatty acids.

Pregnant Rabbits: The formula in this feed is designed for bred does until a few days after they’ve given birth, at which time they should be gradually switched over to the Sherwood Forest L/G feed for lactating rabbits. With less fat but higher carbohydrates, it keeps pregnant does strong and healthy until the demands of lactation require a change to the Lactating and Grower feed.

Maintenance and Show Rabbits: Also known as Sherwood Forest M/S feed, this blend is formulated for adult rabbits. A reduction in starch and fat prevents rabbits from gaining excessive weight, while an increase in fiber through extra timothy hay promotes health and longevity. If you’ve got an adult rabbit that is overweight, M/S feed is an ideal diet food too. Included are essential vitamins with the right balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Small quantities of natural whole oil seeds and chelated minerals are added to ensure digestive health and produce a healthy, shiny coat.

Sherwood Forest Rabbit Food Prices

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This is high-quality food and the prices do reflect that fact. You can have the confidence that you are getting a feed formulated to the precise needs of your rabbit at their age or life stage, a benefit most rabbit pet owners and breeders are willing to pay for. The prices are competitive with prices at pet stores while the food is, in most cases, significantly better.

Ordering Sherwood Forest Natural Food

For your convenience, Sherwood Forest offers each variety in 3 sizes of bags, 4.5lbs, 12lbs and 19lbs. With priority shipping, you can receive your rabbit food not long after it is produced at the Sherwood Mill.

If you’re looking for a quality feed to improve the health, productivity and longevity of your rabbits, Sherwood Forest Natural Pet Food is certainly worth considering.

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