Rabbit Breeding – Glossary of Terms to Know

  • Cute Holland Lop baby bunniesBuck – Male rabbit
  • Dam – The mother of a rabbit
  • Doe – Female rabbit
  • Foster – To give kits from one doe to another to raise
  • Junior – In all breeds, a rabbit under 6 months old.
  • Kindle – A rabbit gives birth
  • Kit (kitling) – A baby rabbit
  • “Miss” – When the doe did not become pregnant after breeding, we say she “missed.”
  • Nestbox – A small box given to the doe in which to build her nest and have her litter
  • Senior – In small breeds, a rabbit over 6 months old.  In larger breeds, a rabbit over 8 months old.
  • Sire  – The father of a rabbit
  • “Take” – Used to indicate whether the doe became pregnant, or “took” to the breeding.


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