Pictures and the Story of One Tiny Bunny – Five does and a buck

Saynora’s Legolas is a false dwarf buck, confirmed by many litters.  That means that Legolas does not carry the dwarfing gene, and can’t produce the lethal “peanuts.”  This is Legolas:

saynora's legolas from the rabbitry later thf saynora
Saynora's Legolas: False Dwarf Lop Rabbit


A pretty doe named Steffi was bred to Legolas and had six babies!   One was much smaller than the rest.  I knew that the tiny one in this litter could not be a peanut.  I worried that he would not make it, given the size difference. They are about one week old in this picture. The smallest newborn baby weighs only about one half ounce!

Tiny baby rabbit with five sisters all broken holland lops
Can you spot the tiny runt in the middle? He is only a few inches long.

At week 2, they babies are looking very nice.  The runt (front bunny in the photo) has gained a good bit of weight, gaining from 1/2 oz. to 3 oz.  It is so small, it travels between the wire of the two cages that have the litter’s mom and a foster mom in them.  I hope it’s getting double feedings that way!  I’m glad the moms have not been hostile toward the little traveler.

baby holland lop runt with sisters and normal size bunnies
Two-week-old photo. The runt is in the front center. He's much smaller than his sisters, but they're all cute!

These guys are certainly looking a lot more like bunnies this week, now that they are three weeks old.  I’m worried that the runt isn’t gaining any additional weight.  I think I’ll put it on peas baby food, if the little one will cooperate with me.  Otherwise, the litter is doing very well.

three weeks old very super cute baby lop rabbits
These cute broken baby lops are three weeks old.


Here’s the four-week-old group shot!  The runt is at the far left.

litter of baby rabbits at four weeks old.
Litter of Four Week Old Baby Holland Lops


Here’s the crew at five weeks old.  The runt is now 6 oz. having been supplemented with some peas baby food over the last week.  He really liked it once he got use to it.

Litter of baby rabbits at five weeks of age
Five weeks old now! They grow so fast.


At six weeks old, the runt weighs now 9 oz.!  The others are doing very well.

Six week old baby rabbits
These young rabbits are now six weeks of age.

These girls and boy were so busy this week, it was hard to get a photo of all of them at the same time.  After this last litter photo, they went to their own cages, by pairs.  I did leave the litter’s runt with foster mom Starr for a while longer, in case he’s still nursing.  He’s too small to have a setback in weight gain.  The little buck will be make a pet for someone, and his sisters all have flower names:  Lily, Jasmine, Tulip, Dahlia, and Iris.

Busy holland lop eared rabbits at weaning age
Seven weeks is weaning age for busy bunnies!


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