Mini Rex Rabbit Breeders with Bunnies for Sale

The Mini Rex is one of the most popular breeds of rabbit.  It’s definitely in the top 3, and maybe even number 1.  There were over 2,500 Mini Rex entered in the 2011 ARBA National Convention show; that is more than 10% of the total entries!

Here are some Mini Rex breeders around the country that may have quality stock for sale.

I strive to keep this directory current. Many of the sites listed here aren’t updated frequently but the breeders are often still in business. This directory is a courtesy service. I do not know all of these breeders and cannot personally endorse them.




Big Bopper Rabbitry

Krista Davis
Moosehorn, Manitoba, Canada
Mini Rex of all colors!  Beautiful markings, coats, and temperament!


JW Rabbitry

British Columbia, Canada.  3 hours from Vancouver
Mini rex in broken and solid otter
Netherland dwarfs in the shaded group
Jersey woolies in selfs and himis


New Zealand



New Zealand
Mini Rex



Soft Paws Haven

Leah C. Morales
Prescott, Arizona, about 90 miles north of Phoenix.
Holland Lops; BEW, torts, blues, blacks and oranges – Brokens and Solids
Mini Rex; Tri colors, reds and Smoke Pearl, on occasion we’ll have
other colors pop up! – Brokens and solids
Standard Rex; Castor, Opal, Black, Blue, Chocolate, lilac, Otters,
Martens, Chinchilla, Amber and Tri color, occasionally lynx – Brokens and Solids
Flemish Giant; Fawn only – Solid only and
We also breed Abyssinian Cats, Turkish Van Cats, (Both are CFA, TCA
and TICA registered) and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, triple registered




Roe’s Bunny Farm

David Roe
Lodi, California
Raising Californians, Champagne D’Argent, American Sables, Mini Rex, Lionhead, and Havana
See us on Facebook!


Whippoorwill West Rabbitry & Caviary

Warren K Douglas
Hollister, CA – 35 miles SE of San Jose.
Mini-Rex: Tri, Broken, Black, Black Otter;
Netherland Dwarf: Sable Point, Siamese Sable, Chestnut, Himalyan,
Black, Tan – Black;
Polish: Chocolate & Broken;
Abyssinian: Roan, White, Black, Cream, Red;
Abyruvian (I’ve been developing them for 4 years), I have both short
and long-haired: Tortoiseshell and White, 4 colored.
Phone: (831) 207-7639




Cotton Pickin Rabbitry

Tara Keener
Outside Pensacola, Florida
We raise for meat and show.  We’re a small rabbitry of 175 holes and growing.
Breeds: Champagne D’Argent,Silver Fox,Rhinelander, Flemish Giant,New Zealand White,Californian, Altex, Standard Rex,Holland Lop and Mini Rex and Cane Cutters


Cottontail Hollow Rabbitry

Michelle Storts
Holland Lops for show and brood purposes in shaded, self, and broken
colors. Mini rex for show and brood in Chinchilla, Otter, Self,
Broken, and REW.


North Florida Rabbitry

Wade Glisson
Marianna, Florida
-Holland lops: Chocolate, shaded, Tri-color, and Tort
-Velveteen Lops
-French Lops
-Mini Rex
-Flemish Giants
-Champagne D’Argent


White House Rabbitry

Nathan & Susan White
North East Florida, in Orange Park near Jacksonville
Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Californian.
Web site being developed.




Bachhopper’s Bunny Farm

Waycross, Georgia – Southeast GA
Holland Lops, Lionheads, Mini Rex
All our babies are handled daily with love and care.




Kelly’s Bunny Barn Rabbitry

Central Southern Indiana, south of Bloomington
American Chinchilla
Mini Rex:
Netherland Dwarf:
Breed/Raise/Show/Sell rabbits for 4-H and ARBA.


Rebekah’s Rabbitry

Lisa Creech
We are on the Indiana/Ohio border on the Eastern side of the state.
We specialize in lines of Mini Lop, Holland Lop and Mini Rex. We also have English Spot, Harlequin and Netherland Dwarf.
My daughter has shown rabbits for 4-H for the past 8 years. We began breeding 3 years ago and are enjoying the time spent together in this project.




Hayworth’s Mini Rex

Carinne and Reilly Hayworth
Iowa, West of Ames 10 minutes
Mini Rex: specializing in castors.


Toni’s Coneys

Toni Dudley
Granger, Iowa, Near Des Moines
Mini Rex, specializing in the castor variety.
Show quality rabbits and friendly pets available.



PKSS Rabbitry

Idaho, near Boise
Netherland Dwarf, Rex, Mini Rex, and New Zealand [broken black and white]
Rabbits for sale; show and pet quality
We are looking for black and white or brown and white Netherland Dwarfs.  Call  208-407-9448 or 208-249-1752




Lucky B Rabbitry

Nathen and Kim Barto
Springfield, Illinois
Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Californian




S&J rabbitry

Jamie and Shalia Franch
Kansas, halfway between Manhattan and Topeka, KS.
Himalayans in Tri Colored
Also American Sable, Dwarf Hotot, Netherland Dwarfs, Rhinelander, Tan, Silver




Spruce Creek Farm

Lewis Jones
Located in the beautiful state of Maine , just one hour north of
German/French angoras. Specializing in Mini Rex.




Bella’s Rabbitry

Hannah Tedlock
Thumb of Michigan
Red Mini Rex & New Zealand Reds
(810) 479-4705
I’m striving to produce the best reds in both my breeds, I also have a small Black Mini Rex project.




Icebox rabbitry

Cindy Servis
Northern Minnesota
Specialize in Mini Rex. Have a few Tans and a few high quality Polish.


LovBunnies Rabbitry

in Minnesota
Hutchinson, MN off hwy 7
Also Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, Californian, and Dutch
Website in the works
Also raising chinchillas.  Rescue all critters, too.




The Kids Rabbitry

North Central Missouri
Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Mini Lop, English Lop, Mini Rex, Satin




Bunnicula Rabbits & Cavies

Northern Montana. Relocating to Texas in 2012.
Specializing in Mini Rex only in tri, black, chocolate and blue colors of both varieties.
Kassie Weikal




Deb’s Cuddly Critters

Deb Bodfield
Lincoln, Nebraska
I raise Mini-rex, lionheads, holland lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and
flemish giants. I also raise guinea pigs, American smooth coat,
Abysinian, and Coronets.


New Jersey


Murphy’s Lops -n- Spots

Ashley Murphy
New Jersey
I am located in Salem County, near the
Delaware Memorial Bridge.
mini rex
Holland lop
Flemish giant
silver fox
Netherland dwarf
English spot


New York



New York, Near Albany
Lionheads, Mini rex



Near Albany, New York
Mini Rex. Lilac,Chocolate,brokens, blacks, blues.
We will have black and blue mini rex for sale. Possibly chocolate
and broken chocolate


North Carolina


Hoppin’ History Rabbitry

Western North Carolina
Champagne d’Argent and Mini Rex, specializing in Lynx


Shambhala Rabbitry

Connie Barnette
North Carolina, 16 miles North of Statesville
Holland Lops, Mini Rex


North Dakota


LauRea Mini Rex

Lauren Gust
North central North Dakota
Show and pet Mini Rex available




Lavender Lanes Rabbitry

Maggie Pierce
Orwell, Ohio
Mini Rex and American Sable




Kristdala Kritters (KK Rabbitry)

Central Oklahoma
Show quality rabbits with great dispositions
English Angora, Jersey Wooly, Mini Lop, Holland Lop, Mini Rex.




CT Rabbitry

Tia Baker
Southern Oregon
Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex & Holland Lop




Fistner’s Funny Bunnys

Brittany Fistner
North Eastern Pennsylvania
Mini Rex: Broken, Tortoise, Opal, White
Crème D’Argent


South Carolina


Happy Rabbits Habitat

Kaitlyn Carroll
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Mixes from a mix breed, Flemish Giant, and Mini Rex
Kits will be sold at $10 a piece. Happy Rabbits Habitat will also
offer a shelter for orphaned rabbits, provided they come with a home.




Meg’s Mini Rex Rabbitry

Between Murfreesboro and McMinnville
Mini Rex (Main Breed), Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots,
and Mini Satins.
I’m always looking for Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf breeders
in Tennessee. Never be afraid to message me.



Jadyn’s Bouncing Bunnies

Sarah Morris
Orange, Texas
New Zealand(red and white)Mini Rex(black, blue,broken in both,and
lilac) Harlequin (magpie), Dutch(blue), and mixed meat
We will be adding choc. Mini Rex and Harliquin’s also broken New
Zealand in red and black.


Sanstar Rabbitry

Deb Cartwright
East TX near Lufkin, monthly transport available to east Dallas area.
Harlequin (magpie and japanese), Mini Rex (tort, tri, reds, chins,
blue, otter, sable point,castor), Holland Lop, English Spot, New
Zealand, Californain, Lionheads
Quality Show, Breeding and Pet Rabbits available throughout the year.
No Shipping but will try and help arrange ground transport.


Six Hill Rabbitry

Jennifer & Angela Hill
An hour north of Dallas, Texas
Mini Rex – Black, Black Otter, REW, & Brokens


Texas Hoppin Hares

Stephanie Wright
Smyer, Texas
We are between Lubbock, TX & Levelland, TX.
Californians, Mini Rex, and Holland Lops


The Weimert Bunny Barn

Brittany Weimert
Bell County, and can deliver to surrounding area shows.
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Satin, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, and Dutch





Heavens Rabbitry

Emily Hampton
Near Orem and Provo, Utah.
Holland lops & Mini rex.



West Virginia


PJ’s Rabbit Farm

Pam Arthur
Fayetteville, West Virginia
Flemish Giant (All 7 varieties), Holland Lops (Tri Color) , Mini Rex


Shadow Valley Rabbitry

Hunter Oliver
Fairmont, West Virginia
Rhinelanders, English spots, cinnamons, mini rexes and getting lilacs
or Am. Chins soon.






Audrey & Alisa
Mini Rex and Dwarf Hotot
We are a small rabbitry located in northern Wisconsin. We raise Mini Rexes and Dwarf Hotots.
All of our rabbits we sell are purebred, have pedigrees and are litter trained.


McCabe’s Rabbitry

Mini Rex Rabbits in Plymouth, Wisconsin
Judge Adam McCabe
Also breeding Polish Rabbits
Est. 1995


The Busy Bunch

Reba Langhus
Wisconsin, near Minneapolis and St. Paul
Mini Rex (castors, blacks, browns, and whites) and Holland Lops (Black and Blues and broken blacks and blues.
We are a small rabbitry that started as a 4-H project. We pride ourselves on social bunnies that are proven mothers and produce good show stock. We also sell pet stock occasionally.




Larue’s Wascawwy Wabbits

George Larue, Licensed ARBA Registrar
Located in Lynchburg – Central Virginia
Raising Tans, Holland Lops, Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Lilac, Mini Satin, Thrianta, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch




Huisman’s Bunny Barn

Champagne D’Argent and Red Mini Rex

Custer, WA


Blue Camas Rabbitry

Emily and Amanda Ritch
Breeding Mini Rex in Ruby-Eyed White, & Rex in a variety of colors!




Hip Hop Rabbitry

Matasha Hock
Casper, Wyoming
Lion heads, Holland lops, Mini lops, Mini rex, Havana, French angora
Looking for standard rex and english angora
I’m willing to trade for the rabbits im looking for. Half my
rabbits are pedigreed (havana, mini rex, holland, mini lop)