Lionhead Rabbit Breed Information

NatureTrail2 What is a Lionhead Rabbit?

by Melissa van der Valke

Some of you might already be familiar with this special rabbit breed and on the other hand

some might have never heard of them before. The breed has one feature that distinguishes itself from others, a unique mane of wool. This is why they are referred to as lionhead rabbits.

A short introduction, the Lionhead rabbit is a breed that already exists for many decades but it lasted until 2014 before the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder’s Association) recognized them as an official domestic breed. Within the United Kingdom this breed was already recognized by the BRC (British Rabbit Council) several years ago.
Although there isn’t any confirmed evidence where the breed originates from many believe that someone must have crossed a Netherland dwarf and a Jersey Wooly that resulted in a lionhead. There are however some other theories so we will probably never know it with 100% certainty.

Amazing rabbit breed for children


Since lionheads are well-mannered small rabbits they make great pet rabbits for young children. Although they might require some additional care and attention when compared with a more regular rabbit breed they are still very suitable for our youngest rabbit friends. Moreover, they are known to be an excellent breed for young 4-H‘ers. Although they love attention you shouldn’t worry about giving too little, they won’t get upset since they aren’t a breed that requires a strong personal connection. The only big difference in caring for them is that their mane needs some extra attention.

Colors and varieties

The lionhead rabbit exists in many different colors and varieties. However, in contrast with the BRC that recognized all of the regular colors the ARBA has only officially accepted some of them, such as; Ruby Eyed White and Tortoise. Some others still have the certificate of development. In order to learn more about this amazing breed we refer to which is a website that contains a lot of detailed information regarding.