Rabbit Color Descriptions – Siamese Variety

  General Description Medium brown with dark sepia ears, head, feet, belly, and tail. The dark markings should contrast with the lighter body color. Siamese rabbits also have some dark shading up their sides and rump. Surface Color  Body surface color should be medium brown, markings dark sepia. Under Color Siamese rabbits have an off white under … Read more

Rabbit Color Descriptions – Black Variety

General Description Black rabbits are glossy, jet black over the entire body and head. Surface Color Surface color is black and should carry as far down to the skin as possible.  Under Color   The under color is slate blue (gray). Toenails and Eyes Toenails of black rabbits should be dark and should match. The eyes need to be brown. Breeds That are Showable in … Read more

ARBA Judges Academy

I can’t remember the last time I learned so much in one weekend. My brain feels jam-packed. I hope that when it settles down, I can recall even 1/10 of it all! I started my trip at 2:30 a.m. on Friday morning. After driving to Charlotte and flying to Atlanta, I arrived in Bloomington mid-morning. … Read more

How to Enter a Rabbit Show Correctly

By Laurie Stroupe Help out a show secretary – enter a show correctly I’m entering data from a recent show. I’m about to pull out my hair. First of all, the program is extremely quirky and requires weird workarounds if you don’t behave exactly as the program means for you too. The other part of … Read more

Christmas Presents and Toys for Your Rabbits

By Laurie Stroupe Christmas is coming and I like to do something special for my rabbits. Usually, I give them a baby carrot, a treat they don’t often get. But this year, I’m thinking about a toy. I’ve been concentrating so hard on the basics this year that I’ve fallen down on the fun factor. … Read more

Using a Mister System to Cool the Rabbitry

By Laurie Stroupe We installed a misting system inside the barn this summer. Several people have asked how I like it. The truth is that I love it and I hate it. I don’t have to worry about the rabbits getting too hot. I love it because it makes the barn very comfortable, even when … Read more

Cage Dividers and Baby Saver Wire

By Laurie Stroupe I found a week-old kit walking around on the ground this past week. Now before you say anything, I DO have baby saver wire for the first several inches around the bottom of my breeding cages. But every now and then, a kit still manages to get out. You may remember the … Read more

Using J-Feeders in the Rabbitry

By Laurie Stroupe I love J-feeders. With the exception of my emergency overflow cages, all of my rabbits eat from J-feeders. Here are some things I’ve learned about them. Lids  If you have hanging cages all on one level, lids are not only a waste of money, but they really slow down feeding. Just think … Read more

When to Use Crocks for Watering Rabbits

By Laurie Stroupe At a rabbit show recently, I was talking about giving my rabbits crocks. A very new breeder asked, “What’s a crock?” I suppose it’s short for crockery, since the original ones were probably all made of that. But simply put, it’s a dish. I was referring to water dishes in particular. A … Read more